Our Model:
Infusing Education with the Law

Our model harnesses the power of experiential legal education to help high school students succeed. We bring high schools, law schools and justice professionals together to infuse law and justice themes into the education curriculum. We also provide a range of tutoring and mentorship programs to help students reach their potential and participate in the legal profession.

— Elevating student success starts with values:


We strive to create an environment where students feel welcome, heard, and seen. We commit to individual and organizational efforts to build diversity, equity, and inclusion, grounded in respect, dignity, and self-esteem.


We work closely with our partners in both education and law to develop and deliver responsive, engaging, transformative and fun programming for students. We meet students where they are and encourage dialogue while dismantling barriers to postsecondary education and justice sector career options.

Community Building

We bring together high school students, educators, law students and legal sector professionals in and out of the classroom to enrich and expand learning and personal growth. We offer a safe, open, and supportive space for participants to foster connections with each other, share experiences, and learn from one another.