Our Model:
Infusing Education with the Law

Our model harnesses the power of experiential legal education to help high school students succeed. We bring high schools, law schools and justice professionals together to infuse law and justice themes into the education curriculum. We also provide a range of tutoring and mentorship programs to help students reach their potential and participate in the legal profession.

— Elevating student success starts with:

Connecting law schools to local communities

LAWS is a partnership between the University of Toronto Faculty of Law and Osgoode Hall Law School at York University. Each law school works comprehensively with LAWS to partner with high schools in their own neighbourhoods. Currently LAWS partners with seven TDSB high schools, and LAWS staff work closely with teachers and guidance staff at each school to ensure our programming is responsive to their particular students’ needs.

Bridging the education and justice systems

Through collaborative and innovating learning experiences, LAWS exposes high school students to law, the legal system, and careers within the justice sector. LAWS infuses its students’ classroom learning and extracurricular experiences and offers unprecedented opportunities for mentorship, job shadowing and access to justice.

Providing meaningful experiences for law students

Each year over 100 law students actively volunteer for LAWS. While they bring their diverse backgrounds, expertise and experience to the table, they develop important professional skills, create meaningful relationships with youth, and make a positive and lasting contribution to the community.