Our Impact:
Shaping New Leaders

LAWS is a collaborative education program designed to support, guide and motivate high school students who face barriers to success by exposing them to law and justice through workshops, mentorship and employment programs.

The vast majority of LAWS students feel that LAWS has a great impact on their relationships with students and teachers and on their hope that they can be successful in the future.*

*Evaluation Report of LAWS’ first four years

— By the Numbers


LAWS students miss 30% fewer days per year.


LAWS students’ average marks are 12% higher than other students in parallel courses.


LAWS graduates enrol in university 47% more frequently than other students at their school.

— Stan Klich

Teacher, TDSB

“LAWS makes the impossible possible. LAWS students come back from field trips asking questions. They come back from summer jobs in law firms with specific goals and aspirations for the future. For me, LAWS is social justice in action.”

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LAWS student

“LAWS provided me with an outlet where I could use my voice, and showcase my competitive nature through debates in class and numerous mock trials. Most importantly, it taught me to use my voice to create change, and motivated me to be an active member of the school, by getting involved in many leadership roles, including becoming the student body president. LAWS has greatly impacted my goals for the future, shifting them from having careers that I thought sounded cool, but I had no interest in, to an occupation that I am truly interested in, and would love to pursue.”

— Michelle Ho

LAWS Alumni and Osgoode Hall Law School student

“I think my fascination with law really developed through the LAWS Program. It taught me a lot about advocacy – not only advocacy for myself, but advocacy for other individuals. Now that I’ve been accepted into Osgoode, I’m looking forward to learning so much more about how I can help advocate for others.”

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