Our Programs:
Connecting Students To Law

Our innovative programs are offered as part of three key streams. We also support various other University of Toronto Faculty of Law and Osgoode Hall Law School youth outreach initiatives including See Yourself Here, the Youth Summer Program, Access to Law and Learning and the Law School Access Program.

Core Program

Through its Core Program, LAWS works with classes of students at four partner high schools in a three-year cohorted program that is integrated throughout the students’ course curricula and enriched by a wide range of extracurricular opportunities. While students take the same courses as their peers, LAWS infuses its students’ classes with themes of law and justice.

Newcomer Program

LAWS’ Newcomer Program supports students in ESL classes. As many of their home-countries have justice systems very different from Canada’s, knowledge about our justice system and its role in our democracy enables newcomer students to understand their rights and responsibilities and facilitates better access to justice. Workshops explain fundamental legal topics and multi-week mock trial programs provide opportunity to role-play as lawyers and judges, applying new learning and language skills.

Alumni Program

As part of the LAWS Alumni Program we stay connected with many LAWS alumni who graduated from our Core Program. We offer ongoing supports including mentorship, tutoring assistance, networking events and guidance on program selection and postgraduate career planning.


I am a high school student. How do I join LAWS?

LAWS is only offered at our partner high schools. If you attend one of our partner high schools speak with your guidance counselor about your options to enroll in our program.

I am in grade 11 and have only found out about LAWS in my school. Can I still join?

Yes! Although LAWS is a three-year program, we welcome students into the program at any time.

I am interested in LAWS, but don't want to be a lawyer. Can I still join?

Definitely! Although an interest in a justice sector career is great, we encourage all students to join LAWS. We believe that critical thought, advocacy, civic engagement and legal knowledge are essential to any career.

My high school does not offer LAWS. Are there other ways to learn about law and justice as a high school student?

There are!  You can start off by taking Law in Grades 11 and 12.  You can participate in various programs offered by the Ontario Justice Education Network (OJEN), such as one of their courtroom visits or their mock trial tournaments.  You can also take part in the University of Toronto Faculty of Law Youth Summer Program.  For more information about this experience visit: http://ysp.utoronto.ca/law/