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Law School Volunteers

Law student volunteers provide the people power for the majority of our program activities, providing LAWS high school students with repeated positive interactions with keen and engaged role models. Law student volunteers bring their diverse backgrounds, expertise and personal paths to law school to the table. Their participation, commitment and enthusiasm have an immediate and transformative impact on the personal and academic lives of LAWS students.

— How It Works

Volunteering for LAWS is a great way for law students to develop important professional skills, create meaningful relationships with youth, and make a positive and lasting contribution to the community. There are a number of ways for law students to participate in LAWS, with time commitments varying by activity. Law students are trained in advance and fully supported, and no previous experience working with youth is required. A LAWS staff member will be present at most activities to provide on-site support and guidance. Law students participate in LAWS by:

  • Tutoring and mentoring LAWS high school students
  • Developing and facilitating in-class workshops on legal themes
  • Coaching Mock Trial and Model United Nations teams
  • Accompanying students on field trips to courthouses and legal organizations
  • Supporting LAWS programs such as the Law Firm Mentoring Program and the Court Experience Program
  • Delivering conference sessions
  • Working for LAWS during the school year or over the summer break
“Volunteering for LAWS has been a very rewarding experience! I have developed lasting mentoring relationships with students, helped them navigate their academic experience and guided them through career choices. LAWS has been a valuable opportunity to learn from students’ life experiences and give back to our community in a real and direct way.”

Kenda Shaheen, 2L Student

— Why Volunteer?

  • Learn first-hand about the complex issues facing youth and newcomers
  • Provide the support and guidance young people need to succeed in school
  • Act as a role model for youth considering post-secondary education and justice sector careers
  • Build rewarding relationships with amazing young people from diverse backgrounds
  • Develop mentoring skills that are recognized and highly valued in the legal profession
  • Enhance your own classroom learning by teaching young people about the law and communicating complex legal issues simply and succinctly
  • Build your public speaking, facilitation, and oral advocacy skills in a low-stress, supportive environment
  • Cement your commitment to access to justice, public legal education and youth outreach

Annually over 100 law students volunteer for LAWS.

— Take the Next Steps

Volunteer Application

We recruit the majority of our law student volunteers at the beginning of the school year. If you are interested in volunteering please email the Program Manager at your law school.

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I am interested in volunteering for LAWS, but am not sure how much time I can commit. Can I still volunteer?

Absolutely! Volunteer involvement and time commitments vary depending on law student availability and the specific volunteer position. If you have any concerns contact the Program Manager at your law school.

I have never worked with youth before but still want to get involved. Is this possible?

Of course!  No previous experience working with youth is necessary.  We only require that you are committed to our youth and excited about the opportunity to volunteer for LAWS.

I have an interest in a particular area of law and an idea for a possible workshop. Can I create and deliver my own workshop?

We always welcome law student ideas for new resource development.  Please contact the Program Manager at your law school to discuss your idea and explore potential ways to incorporate it in our program.

I am a law student at a law school which is not currently a LAWS partner. Can I still volunteer?

At this stage we do all our law student volunteer recruitment at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law and Osgoode Hall Law School.  If you are interested in being involved, contact us.

— Get In Touch

If you have any questions about volunteering, or other opportunities with LAWS, please contact the Program Manager at your law school.