Legal Information Workshops

LAWS offers in-class newcomer workshops on six different legal topics, each serving as an introduction to a specific area of Canadian law. Workshops are presented by law students and facilitated by LAWS staff. 

The topics are:

  •    Youth criminal justice
  •    Employment law
  •    Immigration law
  •    Human rights law
  •    Family law
  •    Civil law

Each workshop provides:

  • An introduction to relevant vocabulary associated with the particular legal topic, enabling students to build their English vocabulary
  • Explanations of concepts central to the particular area of law, illustrated by contemporary examples
  • Opportunities to discuss and apply those concepts in a series of scenarios in small groups, and interactive components that allows students to role-play and apply their knowledge and experiences
  • Handouts outlining the issues covered, complete with quizzes and vocabulary exercises to reinforce the workshops’ learning points
  • Information about how to access further legal information and/or legal assistance

In the 2012/13 school year LAWS will deliver more than 100 workshops through our Newcomer Youth Program.