Newcomer Youth

I loved being together with people, creates a sense of belonging within the class. - Grade 10 ESL student

Many newcomer students come to Canada from countries with vastly different, or virtually non-existent, legal systems, and often have negative perspectives of the justice sector and legal professionals as a result.

The LAWS Newcomer Youth Program is an engaging, fun and interactive way for newcomer students to build their understanding of the Canadian justice system and our democratic processes, enjoy positive interactions with members of the legal community, explore the wide range of justice sector careers, learn about Ontario’s postsecondary education options, and work towards the goals of the ESL/ESD curriculum set forth by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

With the support of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), this program stream works with newcomer students in ESL (English as a Second Language) and ELL (English Language Learners) classes at each of our partner schools. The LAWS Newcomer Youth Program consists of six components. We work with the ESL departments at each LAWS partner high school to develop a plan for delivering components to their different ESL levels:

  • In-class legal information workshops
  •  Courthouse visits
  • Law school and university campus visits
  • Justice sector career carousels
  • Mock trials
  • LAWSNewcomer Youth Conference (piloted in 2012)