Postsecondary Education & Careers Sessions

Public Interest Fairs

Delivered in grade 10 Civics courses, LAWS Public Interest Fairs enable students to learn about Toronto’s wide variety of public interest organizations.  Ten to twelve local public interest organizations participate in each fair, setting up tables at the school for an entire morning.  Students then visit individual tables, interviewing the organizations’ representatives to find out what their organization’s mandate is, the kinds of projects they undertake, how they are funded etc.  For some LAWS Public Interest Fairs, teachers set assignments that have students choosing one organization to study further and create a poster or pamphlet for that organization.  Multiple Civics classes can participate in each Fair.

Justice Sector Career Carousels

Delivered in grade 10 Careers courses, our Justice Sector Career Carousels introduce students to a wide range of justice sector careers.  During each carousel five or six professionals (such as police officers, lawyers, judges, justices of the peace, law clerks, paralegals, youth workers, etc) speak with small groups of students about what they do, why they do it, and their path to that position.  The small group format allows students to feel comfortable asking questions and the carousel set-up enables each speaker to rotate through each small group, providing all the students with the opportunity to spend time with every speaker.

Student Life Panels

Delivered in grade 10 Careers courses, LAWS Student Life Panels enable students to learn about the realities of undergraduate studies. Five law student speakers participate in each panel with each assigned a specific undergraduate topic:  Social Life, Academic Life, Living in Residence, Exchange Programs/Changing Academic Paths, and Choosing a School/Paying for School. LAWS students hear from and ask questions of each of the speakers, providing them with five different perspectives and experiences.

Postsecondary Institution Panels

Delivered in grade 10 Careers courses, LAWS Postsecondary Education Panels bring representatives from local universities and colleges into students’ classes to get them thinking about postsecondary options. These sessions run either as panels or carousels, depending on the number of speakers and the students’ needs.