Alumni Support

Our first LAWS students graduated the program in 2008. LAWS alumni are now studying at universities and colleges across Ontario, as well as at McGill University in Quebec, and the University of Oxford in the UK, choosing a wide range of programs, including communications, finance, criminology and health sciences.

We stay connected with many LAWS alumni, and offer ongoing alumni support including alumni events, tutoring assistance, and guidance on program selection and postgraduate career planning.  We connect LAWS alumni from different years who are studying at the same postsecondary institution to enable them to support each other. We seek to employ LAWS alumni in our offices to assist with summer programming every year.

LAWS alumni regularly assist us in programming for current LAWS students, participate in postsecondary student life panels, and talk about their own transitions to postsecondary at LAWS conferences. We are also very pleased to welcome alumni to LAWS graduations ceremonies, receptions and other events.

In 2012 LAWS is exceptionally proud to have graduates from the program begin their application process to law school, with which we offer ongoing support and guidance.

LSAT and Law School Prep

The University of Toronto Faculty of Law’s Law School Prep Program and Osgoode Hall Law School’s LSAT Prep Course can assist LAWS alumni who are applying to law school. Both programs include comprehensive LSAT preparation and training, law school admissions and financial aid information and support, exposure to law school and the legal profession and ongoing support and mentorship.  Both programs are free and are designed to support high-potential undergraduate students who have limited financial resources.