Postsecondary Bursaries

I am writing to thank you for the LAWS Bursary I received. I was thrilled to find out I was receiving this bursary and it has truly helped me through my first semester at Ryerson University. My first semester has been quite successful and I will continue to treat the entire process as a learning experience. The bursary has afforded me the opportunity to move forward with my academic pursuits and in paying for some of my educational expenses. Thanks you again for your generosity and support, I will continue to work hard. - LAWS alumn, class of 2011

Most LAWS students face significant economic and/or social barriers to accessing postsecondary education. LAWS Postsecondary Bursaries provide financial assistance to a small group of graduating students each year. Our annual ability to award bursaries is based on donations received from individuals and organizations. Students make formal application to the fund and bursaries are awarded with careful consideration of a number of factors, including financial need, engagement with LAWS, academic improvement, and postsecondary education plans.

At the 2011 graduation ceremony we presented our inaugural LAWS Founders Award in honour of Ron Daniels, former Dean of the University of Toronto Faculty of Law and developer of LAWS. This award is accompanied by a postsecondary bursary. Our first recipient was Elisabeth Lam of Harbord Collegiate Institute.