TDSB Research

As part of its commitment to LAWS, the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) annually collaborates in a comprehensive quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the program that assesses the impact and effectiveness of LAWS implementation on outcomes related to students, teachers and the legal community.  Evaluation of the LAWS Program Years 1-4 (2005-06 to 2008-09) summarizes the first four years of implementation, while the current report and executive summary looks primarily at the program in Year 5. Below is a detailed document with tables and some comparison to prior results available for reference . Also included is the executive summary report, intended to highlight the key findings for 2009-2010.

Key findings of the Evaluation Report of LAWS’ first four years (2005 – 2009) show:

  • The vast majority of the students participating in LAWS rate their experiences as good or excellent.
  • The vast majority of LAWS students feel that LAWS has a great impact on their relationships with students and teachers and on their hope that they can be successful in the future.
  • LAWS students miss 8 to 9 fewer days (i.e. 30% fewer days) per year.
  • LAWS students’ average marks are 17% higher than those of the other students in parallel courses.
  • The proportion of LAWS students that enrolled in colleges or universities (73%) exceeds the overall TDSB rate (15% more).
  • Many more LAWS graduates enrolled in university (41% more than CTS students and 14% more than TDSB students) than college.
  • Overall, the findings show that LAWS is an invaluable program that reaches and lifts all students who participate in its rich, inclusive and equitable programming.